Pigments of My Imagination

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About the Artist

Artist's Statement

For me, making art is trying to translate internal feelings about color, form and space into external color, form and space on paper. I'm fascinated by line, form and color in my work and how they can be brought together in a satisfying way.

Living Room

Most of my work can be divided roughly between completely abstract pieces and desert, mountain, and jungle landscapes. In some pieces, abstraction becomes part of my landscapes. I like the smooth, curving contours of sand dunes and the jagged lines of mountains on a far horizon. I like the color density of jungles and their saturation of greens. In abstract work, I like the heavy punch of contrasting colors that make an impact on viewers.

I think my affinity for deserts and mountains comes from touring and working in the Southwest as an archeology major studying prehistoric Native American sites at the University of New Mexico. The geography of the area made a lasting impression.

My work is largely intuitive. I rarely begin a drawing with more than a piece of an idea; a shape or sequence of shapes from which the drawing will emerge as I go. It's a cooperative, if sometimes combative, effort between me and the drawings, which seem to have a mind of their own.

I like to work in a large space. Many of my drawings measure 60" x 40". I like the large space where my pencil can wander around. It can sometimes be an intimidating, but always exhilarating experience.


Landscape Art

A Word About Process

I use Prismacolor Art Pencils and Prismacolor Artstix and put down the color as heavily as I can on the paper. At completion of the drawing, I let the piece “dry” (although I have never used water soluble pencils). The Prismacolor pencils are made with a pigment suspended in a wax base. When the color is applied as thickly as I apply it, over time the wax and pigment separate a bit leaving behind a cloudy residue called wax bloom which can be lightly buffed away with a soft cloth. To fix the colors, I apply a light coating of diluted artists’ gel medium with a brush or soft sponge. The piece is then framed and covered with non-glare plexi-glass.

Shows & Exhibitions

Solo Shows

Chesapeake Health Care Center Gallery
Annapolis, MD
April – May 1997
International Monetary Fund Gallery (first local artist solo show)
Washington, DC
May – June 1997
Fall Festival of the Arts
Ellicott City, MD
Oct. 2002
Riverside Café
Columbia, MD
Nov. – Jan. 2005
Lakeside Café
Columbia, MD
June – July 2006
Slayton House, Bill White Gallery
Columbia, MD
Jan. – Feb 2009

Group Shows

Gallery Purcell (featured artist at 1994 Arkansas Celebration of the Arts)
Hot Springs, AR
Sept. 1994 – Jan. 1995
The Artists’ Gallery
Columbia, MD
July – Aug. 1996
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA featured artist)
Washington, DC
Jan. 1997
Columbia Chamber of Commerce (dual show)
Columbia, MD
April – June 1997
The Artists’ Gallery
Columbia, MD
May 1997
Picolo’s Florentine Room Gallery
Columbia, MD
April – June 1998
Mill River Gallery
Ellicott City, MD
May – June 2001
The Artists’ Gallery
Columbia, MD
Aug. 2004
The Artists’ Gallery
Columbia, MD
Dec. 2004 – Jan. 2005
National Urban League Art Exhibition
Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
July 2005
The Artists’ Gallery
Columbia, MD
Jan. 2006
Andrea Smith Gallery
Sedona, AZ
July – Nov. 2008
Friendship Heights Village Gallery
Legacy: 2017 African American Artists Exhibition for Black History Month
Chevy Chase, MD
Feb. 2017